Do I have to be a Christian to do your courses?

Inspire is an organisation with a Christian ethos.  The majority of students who participate in our courses share the Christian faith, but we do accept and consider applications from those of any faith or none.  Applicants who do not share the Christian faith can only be accepted on to a course if they are willing to demonstrate a tolerance and sensitivity to the faith; those sharing the Christian faith will be expected to show the same in return.

Are your tutors qualified and experienced?

Our tutors are all appropriately qualified to deliver our courses.  Each one is a fully qualified counsellor with a number of years of clinical and teaching experience and all are required to undertake relevant training on an annual basis.  At TC-L4 the Lead Tutor will be also be a qualified clinical supervisor.

When can I call myself a counsellor?

On the CSK-L2 and CST-L3 courses students are referred to as 'helpers' and as 'student counsellors' at diploma level (TC-L4).   The title of counsellor can only be used once you have successfully completed the TC-L4 diploma course.

What counts as approved prior learning (APL)?

Some of our students join us once they have undertaken training with a different course provider or have followed a different course of study.  We will work with you to understand what APL you have completed and how this fits with our course programme, enabling us to determine what course level is most appropriate for you.  If you would like to discuss this with us, please contact us.

Do I have to attend every course session?

If you are on one of our professional training courses you will be required to attend 90% of the course sessions, meaning that you can only miss one training day.  Should you find that you need to miss one or more sessions your tutor will work with you to explore available options but we cannot guarantee that you will be able to fulfil the requirements of the course if you need to miss sessions.

Are your courses BACP accredited?

Our courses are accredited by the Counselling and Psycotherapy Central Awarding Body (CPCAB).  CPCAB is a UK awarding body that is managed by professional counsellors, trainers and supervisors.  They are the only awarding body in Europe to specialise in the field of counselling and offer a professional and supportive framework for both tutors and students. 

Students who undertake our courses are eligible for membership with BACP at TC-L4 and for registration and accreditation post qualification, subject to fulfilling specific requirements.

What's the minimum age for your courses?

CPCAB, set mimum age limits for our professional courses.  You must be 18 years of age to be considered eligible for entry on to the CSK-L2 course and 19 for the CST-L3; students applying for the TC-L4 must be 21 years of age.

I haven't written an essay since I was at school; how will I manage the coursework?

Some of our students apply for our training courses 'later in life' or after many years away from formal education.  It is not unusual to feel anxious about completing written coursework and your tutor will provide you with guidance and support.  We prefer students to have acquired basic functional skills in literacy and numeracy (equivalent to 'C' grade at 'O' Level / GCSE) as well as being familiar with basic Word and computing skills. 

Can I get a loan to study with you?

Inspire is too small an organisation to qualify for any of the student loan schemes that currently exist.  We want our courses to be accessible and so we are committed to keeping costs as low as possible.  Many of our previous students have been financially supported  by their church, employers, family members and funders to enable them to do our courses.   Our professional course fees can all be paid up front, but we do offer you the oportunity to pay a deposit and spread the remaining fees across the remainder of the course. 

Are there any hidden costs with your courses?

We will always be upfront about our course costs and these will be set out clearly for you in our course literature. 

At CSK-L2 and CST-L3 you may be required to buy a small number of text books but these can often be borrowed from or shared with others.  On CSK-L2 you will also need to be able to provide a recording device for use later in the course.

At TC-L4 there are a number of additional costs for you to consider and meet.  Again, these include text books and a recording device, and any other resources that you might purchase to help you with your client or course work.  You will be required to undertake a minimum of 40 hours of personal therapy during the 2 years of the course which is payable by you personally.  In addition to this you are required to attend monthly clinical supervision; whilst some placement agencies will cover the cost of this others will expect you to meet this your self. 

Will I get a job when I qualify?

Our TC-L4 qualification is highly respected and is recognised nationally; we also know that we produce excellently trained and highly skilled practitioners.  Many of our previous students have gone on to acquire paid and voluntary positions in primary and secondary schools, charities, the NHS, training organisations and in private practice.  As the importance of good mental health, the reduction in stigma around counselling and the awareness of the positive impact of counselling grows we are confident that there will be an increasing number of opportunities for qualified counsellors in the workplace. 

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